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"i need a fashion dealer 'cause im addicted to fashion"
Anonymous asked: Does asos shoes fit true to size?

Honestly I really advise sizing up in ASOS brand shoes.

Anonymous asked: Hey where did you get the black holographic slip on type canvas sneaker?

I got them from ASOS they’re called DOCKLAND Plimsolls :)


Fashion financially destroys me but makes me emotionally happy

Anonymous asked: hey, i was wondering where did you get that pink bathing suit with the sides cut out? i have been searching everywhere for it

I got it from American Apparel. But that color is sold out. It’s called The Nylon Tricot High-Cut One-Piece if you’re still interested in searching it. :)

klassynewyorker asked: Lovely blog & thanks for the follow x

Thanks and no probs! :)


Aquarius has to do everything a little bit differently than everyone else and this includes the style in fashion. They are known for wearing outrageous outfits that draw attention.  

sharajohnson asked: Love your blog! :)

Thank you! >.<

semmylove95 asked: I love your style ! You should start making YouTube videos .

Thanks a lot! I used to make videos with my friend but it’s way too time consuming for me and I hate the editing process.


do u ever smell weed and wonder where that chill person is